Is your marketing lost in translation?

by: Charles Gaiennie on

Couple of questions for you...

Parlez vous Francais? Translated: Do you speak French?
Sprechen sie Deutsch? Translated:  Do you speak German?
Habla Espanol? Translated: Do you speak Spanish?
Pantone, eps, segementation, ROI?  Translated:  Do you speak Marketing?

Here's the point. Marketing is all about sharing a message that your audience understands and hopefully responds to.  That cannot happen if you can't at a minimum speak the language. In marketing, the language we use is made up of many nuances that are not easily understood unless it's something you do everyday. It's not that you can't eventually learn the language, its just that for most businesses, it is not the reason they get up in the morning. For us, it is exactly the reason we get up in the morning and it occupies our minds often well into the night.

But not to worry. Here at The W.L. Gaiennie Company we are all about sharing knowledge and have prepared a first primer in the language of marketing. So let's get started and please repeat after me...

Segmentation. A recognition that your market is not made up of one type of customer and that using a single message to reach out to everyone rarely works very well.

Return On Investment. Something you probably didn't consider when spending money on marketing and advertising that leads to a nagging feeling that your marketing dollars are mostly going down the drain.

Pantone. Very specific numerical descriptions of the colors used in your logo and brand that you share with the printer to make sure that the signs you just ordered are actually the exact blue in your logo rather than some weird shade of violet.

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