Linking cookies to the subconscious: rediscovering memorable branding

by: Charles Gaiennie on

A brand is how a company identifies itself and interacts with consumers. Whether a memorable slogan like "Got milk?" or a strong logo like Coca-Cola's, an effective brand is memorable and consistent across various media. From radio and television spots to billboards, magazine ads and beyond, a brand is what connects different media and creates a unified voice for a company's marketing strategy.

While I appreciate consistent branding, I have always been a huge fan of interesting brand applications. Some of my favorites include Coca-Cola's version of The Hollywood Sign in San Pedro Sula, Honduras (Pepsi and Coca-Cola logos are also painted on the sides of hundreds of buildings across Central America), a tube of a hygiene product by Combe Incorporated that will remain unnamed which was actually a highlighter and the urinal cakes with Rob Huebel's face mentioned in "I Love You, Man." Odd? Yes. Memorable? Definitely. And that's the key to effective branding.

Delta Air Lines joined my list yesterday as I enjoyed the in-flight snack and beverage service on the way home from Nassau. The drink cup and pretzel bag bore their logo — two small, but smart uses of a brand. I then opened up the cookies, whose packaging indicated they were made by Biscoff. Before I popped the crunchy snack into my mouth, however, I realized Delta had put their logo on the cookies. They branded their cookies. Now that is sweet.

Start noticing where you encounter logos. Sure, they're on business cards and billboards, but they're also on the notepads and pens in your junk drawer and the stress balls, golf tees and coffee mugs lying around your office. I don't know if there's a subconscious register of brands that we encounter day to day, but I've finally realized that corporate branding is so ubiquitous, it's even on the food we eat.

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