Look Before You Leap

by: Matthew Gaiennie on

Have you ever been completely enamored by a new product or service because it’s new? Of course you have, we all have at one point in time. An example that has happened very recently is the iPad2. How many people do you think bought the iPad2? Of those people, how many of them do you think bought the original iPad not even a year before?

Do you see the point? Yes, the iPad2 was a huge upgrade from the original iPad, but was it worth the $1000 people spent in less than a year just to have to latest and greatest? Some would argue that it was worth the price to upgrade since the upgrade was so significant, while others - like me - ask:

  1. Can you actually do your work on an iPad? (Remember, no word processing software is available on the original iPad or iPad2.)
  2. With so many competitors in the market, don’t you think someone will come out with something better or at least on par with it?

Even though it may seem like I’m picking on Apple, making sure the technology you buy is truly what you need is always a good practice. Here are a few steps you should follow before buying the next latest and greatest:

  1. Evaluate your current technology by asking these questions:
    1. Does current technology meet your needs? (enough memory, adequate processing speed, ability to run all your programs)
    2. Will cleaning out/optimizing my current technology fix any of the issues without buying new technology?
  2. Determine whether the new technology will help enough to justify the cost. (HINT – If your technology is 5+ years old, the answer is probably yes, but not always.)
  3. Research and ask for opinions about the new products.If you follow these steps, you will seldom waste money on buying the latest and greatest without just cause.

Check out this video and graphic that inject a little humor into the equation.

Hope you enjoy.

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