New social media tools

by: Matthew Gaiennie on

Great news! The social media sites you use to help promote your business have made some major upgrades. Facebook added Facebook Questions, TweetDeck added a tool that allows you to make an update longer than 140 characters, and both added a feature that allows you to let people know where you are.

Now time to show you how you can utilize these additions to make Twitter and Facebook even more valuable.

For the Facebook users, I have a question for you: Have you wondered what would entice your customer into doing more business with you? Or maybe you want their option of new product or service you came out with. Who wouldn’t want an inside look into their customer’s thoughts?  With Facebook Questions, you can utilize your already free marketing tool - your Facebook Fan Page - to ask your followers to answer a question and share it with their friends who may or may not already be your followers. This does two things:

  1. Gives insight into what will drive your customer to buy more of your products or to request more services.
  2. Has the potential to increase your following on Facebook, which gives you a larger audience to market to.

For those of you who tweet and have had such a great idea you just couldn’t fit it within 140 characters (even after using tweet shrink) TweetDeck has added a feature that will allow you to finish your thought by clicking “long update.” By clicking this wonderful add-on you will have the first 140 characters plus a URL link to the rest of your update. Even though the initial idea behind Twitter was to encourage quick, short updates, you now have the ability to finish a thought without being confined to 140 characters.

Finally, if you are hosting a grand opening or some special event and aren’t sure everyone knows the location event, you can now add your location to your updates. This is great for many reasons. It allows people who may not know where you are to see your exact location on a map without requiring the customer look it up and find it on their own. Or, if you’re at an offsite location, it makes it easier for customers to find you without the need for directions for people to follow.

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