The Power of the People

by: Charles Gaiennie on

In marketing and communications, alot has changed from the golden days of marketing where some slick message, crafted by some high-powered ad agency was fed to the mass market via television, radio and print. While this still is a big part of getting the message out, more common now is information posted by the market who have a real one-on-one experience with the product or service. This phenomenon is made possible by the democratizaton of the message through technology. With blogs, text message, Google and the I Phone, there is not much that cannot be found out about nearly any product, service, company or individual.

So what's a company to do in crafting a message to promote?

The answer is simple. Participate. By participate we mean first of all get your information out into the world wide web. If you cannot be found online you are missing the best opportunity out there to tell your story and get found. Be careful though. Having an online presence is important but it is equally as important to have a web presence that is well organized, clear and of value to those who find it. This takes a bit of thought in how you organize and display information. Less is better and clarity is a stronger draw than a bunch of spinning icons. Keep it clear and keep it simple to have any hope of keeping anyone's attention. More later...

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