Mr. Bud

The W.L. Gaiennie Company is named for the man who taught us everything we really need to know about walking through life doing what matters, and doing with honor, integrity and purpose.

This company is named for one of God's greatest creations - Warren Louis Gaiennie Sr, also known as dad, grandpa, by his on air stage name, Bud Barron or to many, simply Mr. Bud. He was a man of great physical stature and presence but it was that voice, that James Earl Jones, voice of God, front man for a 40's stage band, patriotic speech to make you proud to be an American sort of voice. You always knew he was in the room even if you didn't see him come in, all because of that voice. He was a father, a husband, a servant of his Lord, a friend of the sort that you consider yourself blessed if you ever have such a friend, a patriot and an example of all that is good about authentic manhood.

This world was most privileged to have had him among those who passed this way and I am most privileged to call him dad.

With greatest love, admiration and affection.

  His son,

  Charles Gaiennie