About The W.L. Gennuine Company

You put it all on the line for your company. We are here to do the same.  We are The W.L. Gennuine Company, a marketing strategy company with the tools, expertise and knowledge to set a plan, layer in all the steps and see it to a successful completion. 


Let's start with this, we are not the agency for everyone. We are not a one-off, lowest cost on the internet, subcontract it all out to the Ukraine type of company. Just Google "marketing" and you'll have all of those types of companies you can stand. 

We are instead 30 plus years in the business of driving net new revenue to our clients using best-practices and technology that matters. We draw from an extensive toolset of techniques and processes that include; powerful websites built on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform; extensive email and online marketing tools from the leader in the industry, Constant Contact;  insightful social media campaigns that engage people how, when and where they want to connect; videography and photography including post-production work on par with the best; advertising campaigns that make more money than they cost; and public relations to manage the positive and authentic stories of the companies we serve. 

Of course there is more to know about us than even this.  So stay a while.  Look around.  Check out our work but finally, just give us a call or drop in to see why so many companies and organizations trust us. 

We look forward to meeting you soon! - William Gennuine