An administrative assistant doth not a marketing director make

by: William Gennuine on

The people who keep people like me directed, focused and on time are gold to an organization. These are the administrative assistants (whatever title may apply), who really are the ones to go to when you need something done or want to know what's going on. They are wonderful and they are indispensable.

They are not, however, marketing managers and trying to make them so is a disservice to both you and them. Here's what we mean.

Most company managers are expert at whatever it is that they do, or sell or produce. That's a given. They typically are not however, experts in matters of how to draw attention to their companies through marketing and public relations. It may seem to them to be a soft skill, akin to ordering more coffee for the break room. "Just get some t-shirts and buy that ad in the city map they give out at the tourist commission" may be the extent of their involvement, leaving the details up to the resourceful and capable - administrative assistant.

The problem is this. Advertising and marketing cost money.; Good marketing is well thought out, has a very defined purpose and is tied to a specific return on investment. Planning for it requires analysis akin to what managers would apply to the purchase of a major piece of equipment or the strategic entry into new markets. It is definitely not something relegated to the administrative assistant. And yet, for many companies, that is about as far as it gets.

It is no wonder that so many companies are so dissatisfied with the results they get from their marketing efforts.

So may we offer our most sincere thanks and admiration for the people who really keep things moving. We couldn't make it without you. However, the next time the boss drops a marketing task on your desk, give us a call.