Is It Time To Hire a Dedicated Content Manager

by: William Gennuine on

OK. So you've made the leap fully into the world of social media. You are well positioned on all of the social media channels that are relevant to your industry - Facebook (of course), Pinterest, maybe even LinkedIn and Instagram.  You've also committed to writing an at least monthly blog on your website and to sending out emails to your prospects and clients.  And oh, you've also bought into the idea that pictures and videos are an important part of your content strategy. 

Exhausted yet?  Overwhelmed?  Questioning how in the world you are ever going to manage all of this?  If so, maybe it's time to hire or outsource content to a dedicated person.  Here are our recommendations of the type of person you might want to look for.

 They must be independent.  The first characteristic we look for in our content managers is the ability to work independently with a great deal of autonomy and drive.  No, they do not have the authority to post just anything they like, everything still needs to be vetted for accuracy and relevance, but they do need to be able to bird dog stories and ideas and then go out and get them.  Someone who waits to be told what to do is never going to make it in the content development field.

They must be creative. A good content manager "sees" the relevance of things that may not be so apparent to others.  A picture, an event, a happening in the community - these occur non-stop and not all are relevant. A good content manager will be able to constantly screen for information then synthesize it into something meaningful and relevant for your particular situation.

 They must be fast. While it is not always necessary or appropriate to post content hour by hour, a content manager must be able to handle a large volume of raw information and quickly and accurately synthesize that information on a non-stop basis.  This is not a college term paper - this is information flow that must be managed on an aggressive schedule. To do this job you must be fast.

Whether you have this function internally or outsource it is a function of time and money and volume.  We can recommend which is best for you if you'd care to give us a call.  We can be reached at 985-262-4364.

All the best and let us know how we can help.