Marketing On Zero Dollars Or Less - 5 Ideas To Use Now

by: William Gennuine on

This article is for all of you bootstrappers out there who have more guts and ambition than money.  (I actually love these folks – they are called entrepreneurs!) Here are five ideas that you can use that really cost not much more than time but can have a positive impact on your marketing and growth.

  1. Social media.  OK, you probably guessed this one but really, get a virtual social life and then genuinely share your talents and insights.  If you are real and what you have is of true value, people will pay attention.  Just make sure you are setting up business pages and not personal ones.  It makes a difference.
  2. Get a Google page.  Google pages are business directories that vastly improve your chances of being found when someone searches for what you do.  Having a Google page also renders a nice map of your location and all relevant contact information about you.
  3. Break out the poster board and/or the chalkboard.  It isn’t always necessary to have a big expensive sign to tell the market what you have to offer.  Sometimes a home spun sign can be just the thing and may even come across as charming and approachable. Keep in mind that people do business with people so if your sign shows a little bit of your character, so much the better.  Just keep in mind that your sign needs to be clear and readable no matter how you create it.
  4. Take excellent care of the customers you have already won.  These are folks that have already made the decision to do business with you so treat them special.  There are countless ways to expand your relationship with existing customers that can be as simple as handing them a coupon for a new service or making a product suggestion when they call or come in.  They definitely won’t know if you don’t tell them.
  5. Just get out there.  Of all of the marketing techniques in the world, nothing is as powerful as getting out in the community to encounter the people and businesses that can become your next customer.  Make sure you have a business card though and don’t be shy about giving them all away.  (And for those of you who think I just violated the free aspect of this article with business card printing, free cards can be found as well.)

There you have it, marketing for nothing. Now get on out there and win some new business before this year gets any farther along.

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