New Contacts Feature In Constant Contact is Really Powerful and Really Easy

by: William Gennuine on

If we were to pick the single most important marketing tool outside of a website, it would definitely be email marketing from Constant Contact.  Their innovation and ridiculously affordable systems make Constant Contact a must have for any business of any size.  For a mere $15 bucks a month, companies can do some pretty slick marketing including tracking results through the integrated analytic that are simply a part of the system.

What has us really excited now is a change they've dropped into the system that transforms how contacts are managed.  In a nutshell, they've transformed contacts from being simply a name on a list to a full record that can include pretty much anything you want it to contain - name, address, phone, social media contact or whatever information you feel you need to track about a contact.  You can even add multiple notes about conversations or messaging or meetings or whatever.  It's a true contact management system that is simply a part of the Constant Contact package.

Now we know that you know that functionality like this is also available in Outlook or Google docs or in any number of software packages.  What makes this especially exciting however is, this contact system is directly attached to your marketing efforts made through Constant Contact. It's now easy to see exactly what messages were sent to a contact and how or if they responded.  At a glance you now know if your messages are being read and how often. You can also easily begin to examine if there is a pattern to which messages are read and which are ignored.  It's marketing intelligence that can provide you with the insights you need to improve your marketing and make a sale.

A second very cool feature is the ability to associate a tag with any contact.  Suppose you met someone at a business expo in July.  Just create a tag called "Biz Expo July" and associate that tag with the contact.  Do the same for similar contacts from that event and when you are ready to send a followup email, just search on that tag to pull together an instant list of those contacts.  This is a dramatic improvement over the previous method of assigning names to a list that had only one characteristic. It's very cool, very easy and available right now.

If you are one of the two people who receive the Marketing Minute who do not have a Constant Contact account, subscribe before July 30 and we'll do our famous custom website match to make your emails match your website for (drum roll please!) FREE!  It's normally $300 worth of work so well worth it.

For the rest of you, thanks for your support!  :)  

OK, seriously, for any of our existing Constant Contact customers, just add any one additional service like the amazing event management tool, Event Spot, or Social Campaigns and we'll give you the same deal.  Fair deal?  Good!

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