Newsletter Quick Tips

by: William Gennuine on

Couple of freebee tips when using Constant Contact email tools.

  1. Use the image off of your website in the email.  Most sites have nice looking imagery and using the same images will really boost your branding.  When you are in the image editor in Constant Contact, notice that there is a tab that says “image URL”  Using that you can copy the image URL from anything on your site and insert the actual image without having to upload it.  To copy an image URL mouse over the image and right click then look for View Image Information.  Click that and then copy the image URL and paste it into the block in the Constant Contact image editor.  Very cool and very easy.
  2. Definitely use your beautiful brand at the very top of the email.  When folks view your email they need a reminder that they are in the right place.In the subject line, use something actionable.  Instead of “News from Canine Etiquette” do something like “The Dog Days of Summer from the Dog’s Perspective”  or something actionable and catchy.  

There is a lot of competition for attention so make it interesting enough for someone to stop and read.

Make it a great day.