Promoting Events By Using Hashtags

by: William Gennuine on

The hashtag is here to stay. No one could have ever guessed only a few short years ago, just how important this little symbol would become. It now dominates social media and the internet. Why? The answer is "semantic analyzing". What does that mean you ask? It gives the big guys, google+, facebook, pinterest, etc. ways to measure emotions

So, how can you use it to your benefit?  The reasons are obvious. Since huge companies are creating branding by using this clever technique, then why can't you? That's right. You know how jingles, songs, catch phrases and mottos stand out in your mind? Welcome to the future of hashtags.

Should you have some big thing that you want to promote, then creating hashtags for the event is the way to go. So, I'm going to give you several tips:

  1. Begin your hashtag campaign several weeks before the event, in order to begin to create excitement
  2. Use the hashtag in your title, on your printed materials, banners- you name it
  3. "Live tweet" from the event to create participation is the way to go!
  4. Use brand association along with your hashtag and event
  5. Keep a monitor on your own hashtag to see how your hashtag is being spread around
  6. After your event, create a transcript from twitter so that others can catch up (this will promote you post event to those who didn't keep up)
  7. After the event: make good use of twitter tools to help you analyze how things went, so you can learn more in the future