Trust. It's What Really Matters

by: William Gennuine on

It's been a great week at The W.L. Gennuine Company. There are two projects in particular with outcomes that are very personal to the clients and the success of which, is very closely tied to how well we execute our strategies.  In our conversations with these clients, it is very clear that they trust us implicitly to guide and advise them. It's something we take quite seriously and it is our full commitment to honor their trust with results.

What this reminds us of, is that really, all business is founded on trust. At the core of the agreement is the presumption of a buyer or customer or client, that the business will deliver on a promise. Whether its a hamburger or a Lexus or a lawsuit, we all enter into the agreement under the banner of trust. It's when that trust is not fulfilled that the problems arise. It's then that disappointment, frustration and a litany of other responses are triggered.

Today we are reminded of the obligation we have as a company to honor the trust placed in us. Sure we fall short at times but our will is to always strive to exceed all expectations so as to preserve this most precious asset of trust.

Be good. Do good. Call us if we can help.