When Is The Optimal Time To Post On Facebook?

by: William Gennuine on

There is a lot of information out there as to when is the best time to post on Facebook. What you should be asking yourself is, who is my audience and when are they likely to be checking their feeds?

Here are some facts to consider: 

  1. Today, more people access Facebook from a smart phone or other mobile device, such as an iPad.
  2. 80% of 18-44 year age groups check their Facebook as soon as they wake up in the morning.

Facebook fans will also reach for their smart phones around dinner time.

But, that presents its own set of unique problems. First, there is an onslaught of news feeds being delivered at this same time on Facebook. Then, with others you have to compete with homework assistance, cable news and more. Weekends aren't good at all because there are so many activities going on with families: sporting events, families get together, shopping, etc. You should also never post during working hours, while people are on the job. If your audience is a younger crowd, you should also never post during school hours.

Studies show that a huge percentage of Facebook fans check their feeds just before going to sleep every night. To recap, post when you know that your audience is most likely to engage. To do this, you must know your audience.

However, all of this is irrelevant if you do not post articles that are worth reading. Give your audience something they will be excited to see. Use humor, facts or acknowledgements to keep them coming back for more!