Say goodbye to the integration nightmares and plugin patches of WordPress and other freeware sites. Our Adobe hosted solutions are powerful business websites, built in less time and without the technical headaches of cobbled together solutions. 

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Hate advertising?  Tried it and it really didn't work?  Marketing costs money. But, spending it without a clear vision and purpose is a recipe for failure. We do marketing the right way through our strategic approach to the success of your business. 

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Email Marketing

If you had to choose just one marketing tool, let it be e-mail marketing. We are Master Certified experts of the Constant Contact online marketing tools and can show you how to leverage email, social, events, surveys, promotions, donations and more.

Winners Guide to Email Marketing

The Quirky Details

  1. Staff who wear shoes while they work
  2. Guests who compliment our 20 ft. ceilings at our downtown office
  3. Clients who can correctly pronounce “Gennuine”
     less than 10%
  4. Clients who can spell “Gennuine”
  5. Staff on wheels

Some Fun Facts


Overall Clients Served


Cups of Coffee Made for Clients & Guests Each Year


Emails Sent on Behalf of Our Clients Each Year


Really Nice Ink Pens Given Away Each Year

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